Loki was Supposed to Die in Thor: The Dark World, but Test Audiences Didn't Accept It

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February 19, 2019  04:14 PM


Loki is a character that is constantly dying and coming back to life in the MCU, so it was only fitting that Thanos said ‘No resurrections this time,’ when he choked the life out of him. As it turns out, Loki was supposed to die a lot earlier into the franchise—way back in Phase 2.

Talking to the Empire Film Podcast, Tom Hiddleston had shared that Loki was originally supposed to sacrifice his life in Thor: The Dark World. He explains:

“Loki’s death on Svartalfheim was written as a death. Chris and I played that scene for real. That was meant to be that he redeemed himself, that he helped save his brother and save Jane Foster but that he in the process sacrificed himself. It was something that was written, it was part of the original pitch. In test screenings, the audience didn’t accept it. There was a very strange and almost unanimous resistance to it.”

While I understand that a death from Loki would have fit a proper redemption arc, the character is admittedly one of the few fun villains in the franchise, and him dying would have been a waste. Either way, they still got to redeem Loki in Thor: Ragnarok. I mean, he wasn’t really a hero, but you couldn’t even call him a villain anymore either.

Set photos have confirmed that Loki will be making a return in Avengers: Endgame, but it would be for a possible time-travelling bit. It’s kind of a shame counting the character has grown so much through the years, but I guess it would be worth it to have him brought back.

Catch Avengers: Endgame in theaters April 26.

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