LEGO is Teasing an Upcoming 007 Set

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - July 11, 2018

LEGO has gotten its hands one some very great brands from Star Wars to both DC and Marvel. Now they’re teasing an upcoming Creator set that has something to do with 007.

Check out the teaser.

Seeing that the Aston Martin brand is also there, it’s possible that we could be getting a new Bond car. What’s interesting with the Creator series is that the kits could come out with more than one finished product. Best guess is that the car also assembles into several other Bond vehicles. Fingers crossed it gives us a Bond minifugure.

With Bond 25 set to come out next year, Daniel Craig is preparing for what is said to be his last appearance as James Bond. Now people are wondering who could possibly replace Craig after this exit. Several names have been put up by fans including those of Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston.

As for the villain, it’s said to be a woman this time around, and director Danny Boyle is said to be eyeing Helena Bonham Carter to take on the role. I don’t know about you, but I would love it if they released some new kits to get us hyped up for the movie next year.

LEGO promises an update on this kit come August, but Bond 25 is set to hit theaters Nov. 8, 2019.

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