Justice League: Deleted Darkseid Scene Would Have Featured a Torn Down Hall of Justice

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - February 13, 2018

We know that Justice League was chockfull of edits and deleted scenes, what with Joss Whedon taking over the project. A storyboard has just leaked online that shows that the film would have had another Knightmare sequence as per Batman v Superman, and it would have featured Dark Seid and a demolished Hall of Justice.

The way it looks, this scene would have been a flash forward into the future way long after the Justice League had already been formed. It has Darkseid using the motherboxes to seemingly destroy the earth, and we see the omega symbol from the BvS as it pans ahead of debris for the Hall of Justice.

Even though they tried their best to make Steppenwolf his own villain, all the development certainly felt flat, and it still seemed like Darkseid was pulling the strings. Though I’m against ‘movies that are just long trailers,’ I think this Darkseid scene would have been a great callback to the scene from BvS, and it would help connect the movies better. With WB’s decisions ruining the end-product of Justice League, I’m curious how DC’s head Walter Hamada plans to fix the DCEU in the future.

Justice League’s home release comes out next month. Hopefully it will give us some great deleted sequences. Fingers crossed the Snyder-cut gets the green light as well.


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