Joker Dancing Scene in the Bathroom Was Not in the Script Originally

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October 09, 2019  01:05 PM



Todd Phillips’ Joker is filled to the brim with amazing moments, and a lot of people have been raving about Arthur Fleck’s slow descent into madness. One of the scenes that stands out to audiences is the one where Arthur dances to himself in the bathroom after he murders the men on the train. As it turns out, that part wasn’t in the script.

Talking to Screenplayed, director Todd Phillips explains that the original scene that they wrote had Arthur trying to shoot himself after the murder, but him and Joaquin Phoenix didn’t feel like it was right for the charcter. Listen to his explanation here along with what was in the script:

Phoenix and Phillips had apparently agreed early on that Arthur had a type of “music” in him, and they were able to incorporate that into the character whenever he would sing or dance. Since Arthur supposedly felt great after he committed the murders, him dancing in bathroom is a point where the Joker starts to come out.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the film, I thought it was amazing, and it’s great that DC is willing to add something more thought-provoking when it came to the comic book genre. Right now there’s been a big debate on whether comic book films are “real cinema” and I think Joker is a great example of how the genre can be pushed.

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