Joker Movie Described as a 'Heartbreaking Tragedy'

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January 09, 2019  04:28 PM


While Shazam! looks like your typical light-hearted superhero film, the DCEU will be pumping out something more tonally dark with October’s Joker film. With tons of footage has leaked online for the movie, some inside sources say the film has been hiding a lot of things that will catch everyone by surprise.

According to Revenge of the Fans, an inside source has described Joker to be a “heartbreaking” and “pitiful” tragedy. There’s also said to be a lot of political commentary in the film in the same vein as V for Vendetta, and it’s said to be pointed at president Donald Trump.

Another comparison that the movie has gotten is that it’s going to feel like “Taxi Driver meets The King of Comedy.” Though producer Martin Scorsese is best known for Taxi Driver, his lesser-known movie, King of Comedy looks like a major inspiration for this film. Heck you can take that movie, replace Robert DeNiro’s character with the Joker and it would still make sense:

Did I also forget to mention that Robert DeNiro is in this movie as a talk show host?

With Aquaman seemingly putting the DCEU tone on the lighter side of things, I’m excited to go down a more mature and darker path when it comes to the other films. Sure Snyder attempted it with the likes of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, but the delivery didn’t resonate with a lot of people. Here’s hoping Joker sticks the landing.

Catch Joker in theaters Oct. 4.

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