Jojo Rabbit: Taika Waititi Shares Meme of Hitler Reacting to the Movie

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July 28, 2019  02:35 PM


Though Taika Waititi has announced that he’s working on Thor: Love and Thunder, he’s set to release his next film Jojo Rabbit sometime later this year. Promotion has just started coming out for the movie, and it was inevitable that we would get a Downfall meme of Hitler reacting to Waititi’s version of him.

Check it out:

Though Waititi is playing Hitler in Jojo Rabbit, it’s worth noting that this is an imaginary version of him that the lead character Jojo is thinking up. With Mel Brooks and Charlie Chaplin openly mocking Hitler with their films, I guess it’s Waititi’s turn to try and step up to bat.

Besides Waititi, the film also stars Marvel vets Scarlett Johansson who will be playing the mother of Jojo as well as Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2) as Captain Klenzendorf. Stephen Merchant (Logan) is also in the movie along with Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect). You’ll also recognize Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen as Finkel.

Personally, I think the film looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see Waititi come back to his more “human” films. While a lot of people sung praises for Thor: Ragnarok, I didn’t really feel that it was Waititi’s best work. Hopefully with Love and Thunder Waititi gets to channel more of the humanity he’s so good at capturing with his more independent movies.

Set during World War Two, an awkward young German boy whose only ally is his imaginary friend Hitler has his naïve patriotism tested when he meets a young girl who upends his world views.

Catch Jojo Rabbit when it hits theaters Oct. 18.

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