James Wan to Produce Aquaman Spinoff Titled ‘The Trench’

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February 10, 2019  02:40 PM


Arguably one of the best sequences in last year’s Aquaman was Arthur and Mera’s visit to the Trench, and it was hands down one of the creepiest parts about the movie. As it turns, out WB is now working on a spinoff based entirely on the kingdom of the Trench.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aquaman director James Wan is producing The Trench and the movie will be penned by newbies Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald. Though the world will be set in the same realm as Aquaman, we shouldn’t expect an appearance from any of the main cast though.

With the DCEU slowly getting back on its feet with Aquaman, I’m honestly not sure if a Trench movie is the right direction to go. I mean, we still have other DCEU films that we want to hear about like Green Lantern Corps, The Flash, and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. As far as we know we only have confirmation of Batman which comes out in 2021.

Then again, WB has been trying to be more experimental with their DC IP. This year will see the release of Joker which is set in an entirely different reality. Maybe a horror spinoff to Aquaman could be interesting for some audience members.

If anything, I would rather they just have the Trench be a revisited setting in a different franchise movie. Maybe Wonder Woman will visit the kingdom or the Blackhawk squadron will find themselves stuck on an island located in the Trench. What about a visit from the Teen Titans with Ray Fisher’s Cyborg being part of the team?

For now The Trench is still in early stages and we might not get a release until 2022 or 2023. No official release date has been set.

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