Indiana Jones 5 Gets a New Release Date in 2021

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - July 10, 2018

Originally Indiana Jones 5 was set for a release in 2020, but last month it was revealed that the movie would not make its intended release date. Now news has it that the film has finally found a new schedule for its release.

According to Variety, Indy 5 is now set to come out on July 9, 2021—almost a full year from its original release date set in July 2020.

We don’t have any solid reason as to why the movie was delayed, but we do know that Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jon Kasdan has been hired to polish the script. Based on how he worked with his father to bring a young Han Solo successfully to the big screen, I have no doubt he will be able to do the same with Indiana Jones.

With the release date set so late, a lot of people are concerned about how able Harrison Ford will be by the time production starts. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out ten years ago, and back then they were already poking fun at how old Indy has become. By the time 2021 rolls in, Ford will be about 78 years-old.

People are expecting this film to have Ford pass on the torch to a younger, more able adventurer. We don’t know if Shia LaBeouf will be making a comeback as Indy’s son, but hopefully they find someone suitable. Chris Pratt has been a fan favorite so far, but I think it would just be ridiculous if they cast Alden Ehrenreich to play another Harrison Ford role.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to come out July 9, 2021.

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