Ian McKellen Shares Cool Photo of Lord of the Rings Cast

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January 27, 2019  03:29 PM

Ian McKellen has had a very colorful career in cinema, but probably one of his most iconic performances is Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. McKellen is very active on social media, and he shares this cool photo of a cast made to look like the map of Middle Earth.

Check it out:

Besides McKellen, the post also got a retweet from hobbit actors Sean Astin and Billy Boyd. We don’t have anything from Elijah Wood or Dominic Monaghan yet.

Going back to McKellen though, it looks like he is official done with the Lord of the Rings franchise. His last work was when he reprised the role of Gandalf the Grey in The Hobbit trilogy. We don’t know how exactly Amazon plans to move forward with their LOTR series, but there have been no confirmations of McKellen’s involvement.

While the Lord of the Rings films are considered cinematic masterpieces, the franchise had apparently hit a new low with the Hobbit movies. I’ll admit, I thought that the trilogy had an exciting start with An Unexpected Journey, but the attempt to stretch the book out into three films was so exhausting that I could barely get through Battle of the Five Armies without feeling irked.

Hopefully Amazon has something great in store for their LOTR series because it is coming out to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever produced. We don’t really know what to expect, but I’m hopeful that they keep to the canon of the beloved first trilogy and not just do another rehash.

No release date has been announced for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings.

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