Hellboy has 2 Post-Credits Scenes

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April 14, 2019  02:10 PM


Hellboy has just come out last week, and sadly it’s been overshadowed by Star Wars Celebration happening on the same weekend. The movie, despite what critics said, actually turned out a bit great actually, and I’m sure there are some curious if they have to stay behind to catch some extra scenes. Good news is, they should.

If you check out the Hellboy reboot in theaters, you’ll actually find there are two end credits scenes, one mid-credits and another post-credits. I’m going to go a bit on the details of the scenes, but I’ll put out a spoiler warning.


Mid-Credits: The scene has Hellboy hanging out at the grave of Prof. Broom, and he’s suddenly visited by the ghost of Thomas Haden Church’s Lobster Johnson. It’s revealed that Hellboy was actually a fan of the Lobster, and the scene has the line from the trailers where Hellboy says, “I love you, Lobster Johnson!”

Post-Credits: This scene will see the return of Baba Yaga, and it looks like she’ll be out for revenge on Hellboy, offering help to an offscreen villain who “wants to finally die”—most likely Rasputin.


Despite what the critics said, the movie is actually a good bit of fun, and David Harbour is a fantastic Hellboy who captures the same feel as Ron Perlman’s original version. The creature design and prosthetics were amazing, and though the film isn’t perfect, I found myself puzzled on why there’s so much hate surrounding the film. This movie was better than Alita: Battle Angel in my opinion.

Hellboy has a tough road ahead of it, what with the film having to compete with the likes of Shazam! and later Avengers: Endgame. Hopefully the audiences manage to steer away from the critics and check out the movie for themselves.

Hellboy is currently out in theaters.

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