HBO's Watchmen: NYCC Poster Refuses to Credit Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias

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September 26, 2019  02:46 PM


Even before the show started the promotion, there were already a lot of rumblings saying that Jeremy Irons is playing Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias in HBO’s Watchmen. With the show getting a panel at the New York Comic-Con, they’ve released an official poster announcing the guests; and wouldn’t you know it, they’re still keeping Irons’ role “secret”.

Check it out:

While everyone else got their character’s name under their photo, Irons is instead credited as “Probably Who You Think He Is.” Seeing that everyone is convinced he’s Ozymandias, then he probably really is playing him in the show.

Then again, it’s likely they won’t just reveal his character identity when the series comes out. We know that there’ll be a headline going around that Veidt has died, and rumor has it that Veidt would have been in hiding for a couple of years, masquerading as some kind of English lord (i.e., Irons). We don’t know if any of that is going to be true yet, so we’ll have to wait for the show to premiere next month.

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the series. I’m a fan of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, and I didn’t think it needed to be remade as a series. If anything, Damon Lindelof was able to hone in on what he thinks is the actual core of the comic, and has written a story for contemporary times. Let’s hope this show would make Alan Moore proud (though he probably won’t be).

Catch HBO’s Watchmen when it premieres Oct. 20.

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