Guardians of the Galaxy Director Shares Eerily Accurate Yondu Cosplay from a Mexican Football Star

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June 30, 2020  02:18 PM


The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has a lot of fun characters, and one of the most popular characters is definitely Yondy Udanta played by Michael Rooker. What’s funny is, a Mexican football star by the name of Luis Hernandez a.k.a. El Matador looks a lot like Rooker, and he just shared this full-on Yondu cosplay on TikTok.

Check it out:

Hernandez’s post translates: Ok ok, they already found out who I am

Guardians director James Gunn had also shared the post with the caption, “I understand this is a famous Mexican soccer player everyone says looks like Yondu.” He doesn’t say more than that, but you really have to be amazed at the resemblance between Rooker and El Matador.

For now, Yondu may be gone from the franchise, but he’s said to still be an integral part in the third Guardians movie. With Meredith Quill being the source of soundtracks for both films, it’s said that Yondu will be the one influencing the songs for the third movie, what with him providing Peter with his new Zune.

Though the movie may have been on hold for a while, Marvel Studios has thankfully brought back James Gunn to the helm. For now, Gunn is hard at work with his upcoming reboot/sequel of The Suicide Squad for DC, so we’ll have to wait a bit more before he gets to go back to the MCU. Then again, we’ll all have to wait thanks to COVID-19. Hopefully things get back to normal before the year ends.

No release date has been set for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but The Suicide Squad is set to hit theaters Aug. 6, 2021.

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