Game of Thrones Actor Kristofer Hivju Could be in The Witcher Season 2

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January 20, 2020  11:27 AM


Kristofer Hivju a.k.a. Tormund Gianstbane has come out to be a fan favorite from Game of Thrones, but it’s kind of sad that the show didn’t get the satisfying end that it deserved. What’s interesting is, we could be getting Hivju for a fantasy show that fans are now onboard for.

Speculation is going around that Hivju could be cast in the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher. GeekVibesNation noted that director Stephen Surjik was scouting for locations in Scotland and out up a post with the hashtag #kristoferhivju on it. The post has since been deleted, the everyone is already wondering if we’re ever going to see Tormund clash with Geralt anytime soon.

Of course, this is all just speculation. I tried to see if there was any other connection of Hivju to Scotland, but he grew up in Norway. I guess he did shoot Game of Thrones there since Winterfell was shot in Scotland, but that’s probably not the case. Until we get an official announcement from Netflix, all us fans can really do is just speculate.

After the disappointing finale of Game of Thrones, it seems like fans are now jumping ship to The Witcher for their adult fantasy fix. To be fair, the show doesn’t have the same kind of hook as the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones did, but there is still a lot of potential; hopefully they just get better writers because every episode someone has to say the word ‘destiny’ at least five times.

No release date has been set for The Witcher 2, but you can catch the first season now streaming on Netflix.

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