Game Of Thrones 7: [SPOILER] Was Originally Meant To Come Back In Season 6

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August 14, 2017  02:18 PM

The last episode of Game of Thrones saw the return of Robert Baratheon’s bastard Gendry who had been missing since season three, and now he’s joining Jon Snow and his makeshift “Suicide Squad” to retrieve a whitewalker from beyond the wall. As it turns out, Gendry was planned to be brought back earlier, but the showrunners just couldn’t find a way to place him back in.

The director of the episode, Dave Hill, told Entertainment Weekly:

“We’ve always expected to bring Gendry back since we saw him rowing out. We almost brought him back in season 6 and it didn’t quite work out. We definitely wanted him here for the big mission, we wanted Robert Baratheon’s bastard son back into the show. It made sense that Davos would want to save this boy who’s like a surrogate son. And Joe is great which is a big positive.”

It was definitely a delight to see Gendry and Jon getting along since their fathers were famously friends during Robert’s Rebellion. The two have also found a kindred spirit for being bastards, but as Gilly was about to reveal to Sam, Jon is actually a legitimate heir to the throne since Rhaegar had his marriage annulled and was legally married to Lyanna Stark.

I’m actually happy to see Gendry alive and well, and the showrunners were definitely planning to have him come back after all this time. It’s pretty cool that he’s picked up a similar weapon to his father, and hopefully he’ll have a part to play in restoring the Baratheon house to its former glory.


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