GOTG's Pom Klementieff Cast in Mission Impossible 7 and 8

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November 19, 2019  01:41 PM


Pom Klementieff is probably best known as Guardian of the Galaxy Mantis from the MCU, but it looks like she’ll be joining another big box office franchise.

Just in, Mission Impossible director Chris McQuarrie has confirmed Klementieff’s casting via this Twitter post:

Klementieff also replied with:

We don’t have any details on who Klemtieff is playing yet, but seeing that her character is teased as a femme fatale, we should expect her to be part of some action scenes. While Mantis doesn’t really get to do much fighting in the Guardians films, Klementieff did play a virtual fighter in the Striking Vipers episode of Black Mirror. Knowing how action-heavy these MI movies can get, we can only expect Klementieff to up the ante when it comes to the fight scenes.

Again, this is just my speculation based on the tweet. I would love for her to be a supporting character or a tech specialist in the same vein as Simon Pegg’s character.

Besides Klementieff, the film has also cast co-Marvel star Hayley Atwell in the film. We don’t really know anything about her character as well, but I’m sure the movie would want to give Ethan Hunt someone else to pair up with, seeing as he’s finally let go of his wife in the last movie.

For now, Mission Impossible 7 is set for a 2021 release with the 8th film set to come out in 2022.

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