Full Frozen II Trailer Coming Tomorrow, New Poster Released

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June 10, 2019  12:04 PM


Disney may be focused on the release of Toy Story 4 later this month, but we’re also getting the follow-up to Frozen this coming November. We did get our first look at the teaser for the film, but tomorrow we’re going to be getting a new trailer.

This comes from Thomas Storai on Twitter:

Add to that, we also have a new poster for the movie as well, with the Arendelle Sisters standing together. Check it out:

We don’t have a full synopsis for the movie yet, but I’m sure something could be dropped alongside the new trailer tomorrow. It’s said that Anna, Elsa, and friends will find themselves in an enchanted forest in the hopes of finding out what really happened to their parents. It’s also hinted at in the international posters that we could find out why Elsa has her ice powers—something that was never really explained in the first movie.

Though Frozen has come out to be one of the biggest Disney properties in recent times, I never thought it dealt with adult themes as well as Zootopia or Wreck-It Ralph. The new trailer looks like they’ve matured a story a bit though, which makes sense, seeing that most of the kids who saw Frozen are probably well into their late teens by now.

Frozen II is expected to come out Nov. 15.

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