Firefly Actor Alan Tudyk Comments on Joss Whedon’s Alleged ‘Abusive’ Behavior

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July 02, 2020  12:18 PM


Avengers director Joss Whedon had recently come under fire after Justice League star Ray Fisher called him out for being abusive, and though everyone was quick to jump on the Whedon hate train, it seems like one of his old collaborators is leaving room for doubt.

Alan Tudyk, who had worked with Whedon on the cult series Firefly, had replied to a post about the allegations:




Of course, this was met with immediate backlash, and a lot of people have been bashing on Tudyk, saying that him not being there was reason enough to invalidate his take. Tudyk then acknowledged that he really doesn’t have a say in the matter, but having a history working with Whedon, he goes on to say this:



While a lot of people in the comments were still angry at Tudyk’s posts, I think it’s good to leave a little room for doubt when it comes to issues like this. If anything, Whedon hasn’t even gotten a chance to speak his side. Once he gets to explain himself, then I think we’ll get a better look at this whole issue.

Of course, I’m not saying that anything Fisher said was wrong. I just think that it’s worth exploring both sides of the issue. And as for Tudyk, I don’t really think he’s done anything wrong. He defended someone who he considers a friend, and he has the right to express when he thinks some of these accusations sound off. Until Whedon opens up, we can’t really have a good stance on this issue.

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