Expect 'Diabolical Arcs' for Tessa Thompson in Westworld 3

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August 15, 2018  01:09 PM


Westworld 2 blurred the lines with heroes and villains, but clearly one of the main human antagonists was Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale. Apparently with the third season, we should expect a lot more ‘diabolical arcs’ from her character.

Showrunner Lisa Joy told THR:

“It’s something we’re really excited about, especially because Tessa is such a fun, amazing and versatile actress. When you have someone like her, it just opens up limitless possibilities. So we always knew that we were going to do this reveal and let her expand into this new role. We have a very diabolical arc for her planned out. Part of the fun for the character will be self-realization. She will be realizing the things we know about who she is.”

So far we’ve known that Hale is one of the people who have high stakes with the company, that’s why she was the one calling the shots once she recovered by the security team. Hale, however, was killed by Dolores and was then replaced with a host body.

If we see any more of Hale in Season 3, I’m guessing it will be in the form of Dolores impersonating her. If anything, we could get some more background on the actual Hale and why she has such a high stake with Delos when we meet her.

Westworld has come to be one of the more impressive shows on HBO, but we should expect the third season to skip a year and premiere on 2020.

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