Episode Titles For The Punisher Revealed… In Morse Code

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August 29, 2017  12:55 PM

After the release of The Defenders, Marvel Netflix can now focus on pumping out the Frank Castle spinoff series, The Punisher. Promotion for the series is slowly kicking in, and the Twitter page for the show has released every title of each episode—in morse code.

Here’s just a sample:

I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of us don’t know how to read morse code, but thanks to ComicBookMovie, we have our translated list of episodes. They are:

S01E01 - 3 A.M.

S01E02 - Two Dead Men

S01E03 - Kandahar

S01E04 - Resupply

S01E05 - Gunner

S01E06 - The Judas Goat

S01E07 - Crosshairs

S01E08 - Cold Steel

S01E09 - Front Toward Enemy

S01E10 - Virtue of the Vicious

S01E11 - Danger Close

S01E12 - Home

S01E13 - Memento Mori

Some titles can actually hint at what episodes are about, like the title Kandrahar which is the name of the place where Frank Castle was stationed when he was on duty. Memento Mori in Latin can also be translated as “remember that you have to die.”

After his introduction in season two of Daredevil, Jon Bernthal’s Punisher instantly got lauded by MCU fans, and his popularity was able to get him his own spinoff series. Besides being a total badass, Bernthal was able to portray Frank Castle with such depth and character, that, even though he can be a tad cold and merciless, you still understand his mission, and you mourn for the loss of his family.

There is still no specific release date for the series, but we are sure that Netflix plans to air The Punisher sometime later this year.

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