Doctor Who Just Revealed the First Black Incarnation of the Doctor

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January 27, 2020  11:19 AM


Jodie Whittaker had made history when she was cast as the first female incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, but the show has decided to add one more bomb in the latest episode called Fugitive of Judoon. In the episode, we’re introduced to the first black Doctor in the form of actress Jo Martin.

Check out the interaction:

What's interesting is that we have no idea which incarnation of the Doctor Martin is in the timeline. Apparently both Martin’s Doctor and Thirteen have no recollection of having been the other, so everyone is already putting on their thinking caps and wondering what the story is.

As per TV Guide, it’s possible that Martin’s incarnation of the Doctor is actually from the far past, even before the first incarnation played by William Hartnell. Martin’s Doctor has a very old-fashioned TARDIS interior and has no memory of Gallifrey being destroyed, in fact, she is on the run from a Gallifreyan named Gat who wants to take her back home.

Some are also pointing out the possibility of an alternate timeline. Another says that she’s the original owner of the TARDIS with Hartnell’s version having stolen it from her. If anything, the story of Martin’s Doctor is yet to be revealed, and we should expect more of her down the line.

For now, the next episode of Doctor Who, Praxeus, is set for a release on Feb. 2.

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