Disney+ has a Disclaimer for Old Films with Offensive Racist Depictions

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November 14, 2019  11:48 AM


Woke culture hasn’t been around for a long time, but Disney has, and that means a lot of its old and classic films contain some material that could be considered racially insensitive. WB has come up with a disclaimer for their older material with offensive content, and it looks like Disney is following suit.

When you watch some older films on Disney+, you’ll be met with this disclaimer:

One popular example of a film with insensitive content would be 1941’s Dumbo, which includes some crow characters who are considered racial caricatures. The leader of the crow gang is even called ‘Jim Crow’ which is a slur used in the past to insult black men. The scene wasn’t cut from the film, but Disney has a disclaimer to ‘explain’ why it’s still there.

Though I think it’s great that Disney was able to do this instead of altering old material, some consider the disclaimer to not have the same “teeth” as the WB disclaimer. If anything, WB was more direct about their statement, and to some it sounds like Disney is trying to word their disclaimer carefully.

Like I said, I’m fine that Disney put up a disclaimer at all. If you ask me, it would have been worse if they decided to cut parts of the films or just not release them at all. For now it looks like studios are still trying to get around this “woke” culture, but I think it’s obvious that we’re making progress.

Disney+ is now available for select countries.

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