Deadpool's Rob Liefeld Wants the Snyder Cut of Justice League as Well

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
September 10, 2019  12:37 PM


It’s been almost two years, but there are still DC fans asking for the release of Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League. Several actors and insiders have come forward saying they want the cut released, and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is once again showing his support.

He just reposted this on Twitter:

For now, there have been clashing reports of the existence/non-existence of the Snyder Cut, but the latest info we have suggests that a cut is complete, but it would take a couple million dollars to have the film fully finished (as in, polished up CGI and whatnot).

Despite the resounding fan support, I think releasing a Snyder Cut would not be in WB’s best interest, seeing as they want to drop their shared universe for now and just focus on solo films moving forward. Going back to the Snyder Cut, no matter how good it turns out, would mean having to come back to the darker universe that is established. Then again, I’m sure the support from fans as well as insiders should count for something. Even Zack Snyder periodically shares things that could have been in his version of the Justice League.

At this point, the people demanding #ReleasetheSnyderCut online have been the butt-end of some online ridicule, but I don’t really see any harm in what they do. Sure there are some who are kind of out of place with their demands, but if the movement can raise money for suicide prevention, I don’t see the point of being so infuriated with them. I mean, if #MakeSolo2Happen can be praised, then the same could be done to the Snyder Cut dreamers.

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