Deadpool Answers some FAQs in New Once Upon a Deadpool Teaser

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December 06, 2018  12:24 PM


Deadpool 2 had some fantastic marketing when it came out, and Ryan Reynolds and Fred Savage are doing the best they can to sell Once Upon a Deadpool during the holidays. Just in we have a new promo with Savage asking Deadpool some FAQs about the film, and Deadpool answers in his usual hilarious fashion.

Just in case you didn’t know Once Upon a Deadpool is a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, but it’s more than just your usual censors. The film actually has a whopping 20 minutes of additional material, and it will have a new narrative frame in the form of Deadpool telling the story to a tied up Fred Savage a la The Princess Bride.

The movie is also releasing for a good cause as well. For every ticket sold for Once Upon a Deadpool, one dollar will be going to the Fudge Cancer Charity (formerly known as F*ck Cancer). The charity, in the spirit of the PG-13 rating of Deadpool 2, has also decided to go with a less vulgar and kid-friendly name for the holidays.

While kids can probably watch the original cut of Deadpool 2 today, I would say it’s a completely different cinematic experience to see it on a big screen. Plus, I would pay just to see all the new footage that’s being promised with the film. Maybe there can even be some kind of added cameo that we aren’t expecting.

Catch Once Upon a Deadpool in theaters Dec. 12.

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