Dave Filoni: George Lucas Believes The Future of Star Wars is in Streaming

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October 21, 2019  01:20 PM


It’s already the second half of October, and next month will see the release of The Mandalorian on Disney+. A lot of people are kind of nervous to see Star Wars moving from the big screen straight to video, but Clone Wars’ Dave Filoni has confirmed that this was part of George Lucas' original vision for the franchise.

Talking during a press conference for The Mandalorian (via Star Wars Unity), Filoni talks about visual effects and how TV has somehow gone toe-to-toe with films. He explains, “We can make something like Star Wars because technology has advanced, and that’s one of the dreams that George [Lucas] had even when I worked with him on Clone Wars. He would talk about the future being streaming, the future being episodic, serialized Star Wars, because it’s what influenced him.”

For now, fans are choosing to remain cautiously optimistic. If anything, The Mandalorian does look amazing, and it will pretty much set the tone for all upcoming Star Wars shows for Disney+. If anything, it would also be setting the bar for MCU miniseries as well like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision.

Personally, I would have preferred if Star Wars stuck to cinemas, but if Mandalorian manages to bring the same amount of spectacle that a movie would bring, then I’ll be all in for this new generation of stories. Let’s hope after Kenobi, Lucasfilm gives the green light for Solo 2.

The Mandalorian comes out on Nov. 12 on Disney+.

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