DC's Alternate Reality Films Could be Labeled DC Black or DC Dark

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - June 13, 2018

The DCEU has some unique plans with its cinematic universe in a sense that they are developing a Joker film that is outside of the main DCEU timeline. WB is apparently going to rebrand these strings of anthology movies, but they are currently mulling over the names.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this alternate timeline of films could be branded as DC Dark or DC Black. No name is final yet, but whatever they choose will be something along those lines.

Unlike Jared Leto’s version of the Joker, Todd Phillips Joker movie is said to be set sometime in the 80s, and will be based on Alan Moore’s beloved book, The Killing Joke. It has been described as a gritty crime drama, and we’ll be having Joaquin Phoenix as the leading man.

It’s also worth noting that this Joker film is being produced by Martin Scorsese.

As of not to be beaten, Leto’s Joker is also getting his own movie with Leto attached to executive produce. It has been known that Leto went all-out when he played the character for Suicide Squad and was notably disappointed when he realized that he was barely in the movie at all. Hopefully with this film he gets a chance to redeem his version of the character.

Though DC has been running behind in the box office compared to Marvel, I admit this is a pretty ballsy move for them to create an alternate timeline with no connection to the established one. I just wish they would just call it Elseworlds instead, because I think the Dark/Black tag could shove them into a creative box.

Just saying, they should be thinking about other possible alternate timelines that aren’t so gritty. How about Red Son? I’d be interested in seeing a Kingdom Come movie as well.

No release date has been set for Todd Phillips Joker movie.

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