Cyborg: Is Ray Fisher Teasing His Return to the DCEU?

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October 11, 2018  05:13 PM

Ray Fisher was set to star as Cyborg in his own standalone film in 2020, but after the release of Justice League proved disappointing, DC had to renew their entire slate. We currently have no idea about when we’re going to see Victor Stone in the DCEU again, but it’s possible that Fisher has given us some kind of hint of his return.

Check out his recent post:

While this can be chalked off as just the two meeting off set, the BORGLIFE hashtag can’t help but instill hope with some fans, not to mention whatever it is that the two are going to ‘make happen.’

Then again, I’d just be happy to see Cyborg back even if it isn’t his standalone movie. Maybe he can team-up with Flash in his upcoming solo film?

Though Justice League was a critical bomb, it wasn’t without its merits. For one, Fisher’s casting as Cyborg was perfect, and though the Flash seemed to be the youngest character in the roster, it’s worth noting that we could still get some angst from Cyborg without him feeling annoying.

Fisher himself has said that he’s still very open to returning as the character, but it was ultimately a matter of when WB was ready to have another go Cyborg. Seeing that he’s now one of the founding members of the Justice League, I would imagine that the DCEU would want to give Victor Stone his moment in the spotlight.

If you ask me, maybe they should have scrapped the Cyborg movie and went full Teen Titans, complete with a new Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy. I know that there’s the live-action show, but I’d be excited to see a full roster appearing in a movie with the appropriate budget.

That’s just my opinion anyway.

Until there’s an official announcement, it looks like the Cyborg movie is currently up in the air.

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