Classic Star Wars Games Like Racer and Bounty Hunter are Getting Re-Released on Modern Platforms

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June 11, 2019  05:49 PM


Ever since EA has gotten a hold of the Star Wars license, they haven’t really been pumping out that much material. Sure we have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to look forward to, but what if I told you that a bunch of classic games is coming to modern consoles? Games like Star Wars Episode I: Racer and Bounty Hunter?

As it turns out, Limited Run (in partnership with Lucasfilm Games) has announced in E3 that they are bringing back some classic and hard-to-find Star Wars games for modern consoles. Here’s the official announcement:

Before you get too excited, the company is not releasing remasters of the games, but rather the games in their original state when they were released. Hopefully with enough traction though, we could get some more polished versions of some classic titles. I’d love a podracer game or something that completely focused on starships.

Here’s the list of complete games on Limited Run’s list (via Game Informer):

    Star Wars

    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

    Star Wars: Dark Forces

    Star Wars Episode I: Racer

    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight

    Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast

    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    Star Wars: Racer Revenge

    Star Wars: Rebel Assault

    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

    Star Wars: TIE Fighter

    Star Wars: X-Wing

The first games set to come out will be Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Star Wars from the NES and Game Boy; they’re due June 28.

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