The Batman Suit for Gotham Revealed, Check It Out Here

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April 11, 2019  12:33 PM


While Gotham is set around the mythology of Batman, we’ve only really been seeing young Bruce Wayne being built up for the role. Now with the show ending, Batman is ready to make his debut in the show, and we have our first look at Gotham’s Batsuit.

Check it out:

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Better look at the Batsuit

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Admittedly a lot of people aren’t too pleased with the look, but it’s likely because the shot was also clumsy. I’m sure when they reveal this in the show, it will actually look better. I have to say though, from this angle, you can see all the cloth bits of the suit, and I guess David Mazouz isn’t really as built as the other live-action versions of Batman that we’ve got before.

While some fans may be puzzled as to why the show would end right when the Batman comes to town, it was always the intention of the showrunners from the very beginning. It was said that the whole show was going to focus on Gotham being overrun by criminals, and the ideal ending would be when Batman finally suited up and started to fight crime.

For now, the show is on its final two episodes with the finale set to come out April 25. It seems there’s going to be a big time jump in the film as well, and it’s sure going to be satisfying to watching everything come together into the Gotham City we’re all so familiar with.

The next episode of Gotham premieres on April 18.

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