BossLogic: What Genie Would Look Like if He Was Played by Robin Williams

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February 12, 2019  01:33 PM


Fans got what they asked for when the latest trailer for Aladdin gave us Will Smith’s Genie in full blue, but the reveal was met with a lot of haters, and a lot of fans can’t stand the look of the Genie in the movie. Some think this is because everyone missed original actor Robin Williams too much. Interestingly, artist BossLogic gives us an idea of what Genie could look like if he had Williams’ face:

It’s been five years since we lost Robin Williams, and I’m curious what would have happened to this movie if he was still alive. Would they have moved forward with Smith? Seeing that Williams really brought so much personality to the role, I imagine they would have brought him back. I mean, they brought James Earl Jones back for the Lion King reboot.

With a lot of hate going Aladdin’s way, some people are trying to figure out what makes Genie’s look so unsettling. One person proposes that the film should have just made him look more cartoony and refrained from making him look like an actual person. If you watch the cartoon, you’ll also notice that Genie himself switches to a lot of different faces depending on who Williams is making an impression of.

Personally, though a lot of people hate the look of the Genie, it’s kind of what I expected. I thought they should have just kept the human look for the movie, but everyone demanded that Genie be blue when the first pictures came out. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

Catch Aladdin in theaters May 24.

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