Batman v Superman Crew Member Justifies ‘Martha’ Scene; Doesn’t Understand Why People Hate It

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September 09, 2018  02:43 PM

While Batman v Superman manages to get divisive reactions from fans, a lot of people from both sides seem to agree that infamous ‘Martha’ scene is one of the more ridiculous choices within the movie. Second Unit Director Damon Caro, however, doesn’t understand all the backlash and justifies Batman’s seemingly sudden change of heart.

Talking to ScreenRant, Caro explains that a lot of the members of the BvS crew don’t understand all the hate for the ‘Martha’ scene. He explains:

There was... zero conversation about "oh, people are going to have an issue with this or not understand it or think it's silly." It was - and it's so funny, Zack and I had a conversation about that, I don't know, a month ago, probably. That came up and I just said "I have never understood-" and I don't listen to a lot of the haters, but I've heard the chatter of it a little bit, but I don't understand what the disconnect was. What the problem is with how salient that line is and the connection between having the same mother's name allows you to connect with someone you wanted to obliterate from the planet because you saw him as a threat to the human race. You saw him as a threat to humanity, then in that one moment, you realized he was an orphan and his mother's... you saw him as you as you as a kid and you saw him in that light, so that enlightened you, that made you drop and see him now, not as the enemy, but as an ally. A fellow being who is trying to do the right thing, to reach justice. So no, crystal clear and very, like I said, it always made sense to me, so I'm perplexed by that one and I don't know that I... I don't have the answer to that one.

Now with someone from within the film commenting , we now have a better idea of what Zack Snyder and company were trying to accomplish with this movie. I’ll admit, it wasn’t received so well by the audience, but I actually like the idea that Batman will stop because he’ll see that Superman is just a ‘human’ like himself.

When it all comes down to it, it seemed that the allegory of Batman and Superman’s fight was what trumped over any plot device. I mean, Superman could have just explained his situation to Batman, but then we wouldn’t have had the crazy fight sequence that we got—even if it honestly only ran for a few minutes.

I’m hoping that the DCEU attempts more mature storylines like this. Snyder may have stumbled, but I thought his passion for the films were headed the right direction.

Batman v Superman is currently available for home video.

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