Avengers Infinity War Statue has the New Hulkbuster Battling Cull Obsidian

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - April 16, 2018

Based on the trailers, we know that we’ll be seeing the return of another Hulkbuster suit in Avengers: Infinity War, but it won’t be going against the Hulk this time—it’s going to clash with Thanos’ Black Order member, Cull Obsidian. A new statue has just come out of Cull from Iron Studios, and it combines with a  statue of the new Hulkbuster to make  for one cool diorama.

Check it out:

via: ComicBookMovie

Though we don’t get an image of the new Hulkbuster, we do find out that Cull will be using some specialized knuckles that I bet could cut through anything. What’s also cool is the image seems to tease that we’ll be getting some statues of Okoye and the Black Panther from Iron Studios as well.

Thanks to some leaks of toys, we have somehow confirmed that it won’t be Tony Stark piloting the suit, but Bruce Banner instead. After all, he did help design “Veronica,” so it would make sense that he would be adept to using the Hulkbuster suit on his own. The way I see it, Banner wants to be relevant to the fight without having to turn into the Hulk—which we all know he will.


Avengers: Infinity War comes out April 27.

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