Avengers Infinity War: Did Groot Have a Hand in Creating Thor's New Hammer?

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - February 13, 2018

Yesterday, a toy leak gave us a teaser of what Thor’s new hammer for Avengers: Infinity War was going to look like, now a new image has given us a better look at Stormbreaker and it possibly hints that Groot had a hand in creating it.

Check it out:

The hammer is a lot cruder than Mjolnir, but if you look at the handle, it looks like the wood embraces the metal just like they were made for it. The theory can also be backed by the fact that the LEGO set where Thor searches for a new hammer also includes Groot in the set.

Though I would have preferred it to look cleaner, I’m also fine with this rough aesthetic. It kind of feels like Marvel is going to forgo the clean and advanced Asgard for a more ‘Viking Warrior’ look. I’m not complaining either. My favorite version of Thor in the comics is the ancient Viking badass who roams around Earth fighting creatures, drinking ale, and bedding any maiden he can find.

Sure, Thor may not be able to do that with how kid-friendly Marvel is, but he could very well look the part.

Personally, I would have preferred if they gave the hammer a “Viking” name, but I guess Stormbreaker is easier to remember. What was wrong with Jarnbjorn?


Avengers: Infinity War comes out May 4.

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