A Time Lost: Netflix Developing A Movie With Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown and Her Sister

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September 11, 2019  01:54 PM


Millie Bobby Brown is best known for her role as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things, and it looks like she’s teaming up with the streaming service once again to bring to screen an original story by herself and her sister Paige Brown.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is teaming up with the Brown sisters for a film called A Time Lost which “centers on a long-standing feud between two Long Island families that comes to a head when one of their teenage daughters is diagnosed with cancer.”

The sisters also said in a statement:

"We are so grateful to Netflix for their confidence in us and this beautiful story, which we have spent years writing and developing… It's about friendship, family and overcoming obstacles when it feels like the world is pushing you down. It's been a labor of love, literally."

While Brown has certainly proven herself as an actress, I’m sure a lot of people are curious about how her skills will fair offscreen. Not every successful actress can make the transition behind the scenes, especially with Brown only being 15 years old.

If anything, Netflix is probably confident enough with a story to move forward. Besides, I’m sure they’ll bring in some more experienced writers and directors to help brush up the Brown sisters’ story to the best possible version of itself.

No release date has been set for A Time Lost, but Brown is currently working on the movie adaptation of the Enola Holmes books which is set to come out next year. For now, you can catch her on Stranger Things on Netflix.

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