Batman’s Delay Doesn’t Stop Deathstroke’s Training

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - February 10, 2017

Ben Affleck stepping down from the director’s chair of The Batman movie may have put the project on a kind of unstable ground as far as definite dates and progress go.

But from Joe Manganiello’s standpoint, this doesn’t deter any of his planned progress as the affirmed Deathstroke in the movie. Speaking in a recent podcast (via CBM), he revealed what he has been doing so far to prepare for the role.

“I’m somebody that likes to start preparing way ahead of time. So I’ve read almost all the comic books involving him. Just to get the information out of them. some of them are useful. Some of them are not going to be useful. Because ultimately the script—that’s my text. I have to play that.”

What he means by this is that despite the different comics that he’s already read, Manganiello will still stick to the script when it comes to portraying the role. Still that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done any other training; in fact, his physical training has started with some martial arts.

According to Manganiello, he has already started on katana training, among others. This involves live training and meeting with martial artists who can teach him the best offensive martial art moves that focus more on deadly attacks than defensive ones.

He calls this a “very physical way to build a story,” one that even involves questions that would be applicable to Deathstroke’s story.

From the looks of it, Manganiello is very confident about the role that Deathstroke will play in The Batman film, despite the open secret of the script still in need of a rewrite. Hopefully, we’ll still see Deathstroke in action for The Batman movie sooner once we land that great director.

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