Viola Davis Talks About The Health Problems She Encountered While Filming Suicide Squad

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June 20, 2016  04:28 PM

The Suicide Squad team is made up of a ragtag bunch of supervillains on “suicide” missions for the government that it’s not entirely surprising if we’ll be seeing some wild occurrences taking place in the movie. Apparently though, filming the movie got so wild in some cases for Amanda Waller actress Viola Davis that she experienced some health issues while during shoots.

In an interview with E! Live regarding what fans can expect of Suicide Squad, the 50-year-old actress didn’t delve deep into the plot points of the film, but she did say there are some pretty intense scenes in the movie that she experienced heart palpitations and even hearing loss.

She said:

It got so crazy that there were times during filming that I had heart palpitations. Not only heart palpitations, but at one point, I said, 'Did I suffer from hearing loss? Why is my left ear still pounding?'

Obviously, looking at the nature of the movie’s main characters alone, it’s not surprising to find out the movie having wild moments. However, what’s quite disconcerting is the fact that an actress suffered from these health issues during the shoot. Presumably these issues aren’t too serious that they’re life-threatening, since Davis made no mention of actually having to go to the hospital for them.

By retrospect, Davis’ character, Amanda Waller, isn’t someone who’s fazed by supervillains, and unfortunately for Davis, if Suicide Squad becomes a hit, it might provide warrant for a sequel, and Davis has to endure her health issues once again while playing Waller. Then again, she may have gotten used to them at some point. From the interview, it looks like she truly enjoyed starring in the movie. She even said her commitment to the movie changed because of Jared Leto’s antics, which can only be good for her acting career.

Watch the interview below:


Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

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