Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones Says Season 6 Will Be “Most Epic” & “Every Episode Packs a Punch”

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April 12, 2016  10:56 PM

Game of Thrones isn’t the most open TV shows today. Most, if not all, stars in the hit HBO series have kept a tight lid on the exact details of the fate of their characters (as well as Jon Snow). However, it’s only now that we’re getting an idea of what’s to come for Finn Jones’ Ser Loras Tyrell.

There isn’t much to be seen when it comes to Ser Loras in the Game of Thrones season 6’s two trailers. We only see him becoming a fellow prisoner to his sister, Margaery.

In an interview with EW, Jones is teasing a bit about Ser Loras’ time in jail, as well as the “epic” season ahead of us.

Asked what’s exciting him about the highly anticipated season, the 28-year-old actor said:

Once again, HBO has thrown even more money and talent and skill at the show. You feel like it’s ramped up to another level, which I didn’t even think was possible. And now that the story is entirely in the hands of [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss since the series have moved beyond George R.R. Martin’s novels], they’re really telling the story, now, for the first time. That’s exciting. They’ve done a fantastic job.

We’re taking risks and telling stories that are different than previous seasons. And what’s interesting is most of the characters have changed so much they’re completely different people from where they started in season 1. Season 5 was all about people moving all over the map, there were a lot of things changing. Now those changes have been made and this is about how they adapt and survive with these new changes.

David and Dan recently said how every episode is strong this year, and it’s true. I’ve read all the scripts and every episode packs a punch. Without a doubt it will be the most epic season so far.

As for Loras’ stint in prison, Jones shared:

He’s been left there to rot. He’s in isolation. He’s been treated very badly by a lot of bigots. We saw in season 5 how they treated gay men in the brothel. These religious men and women don’t take to gay people too nicely. He’s having a very difficult time.

This is also a character used to privilege and power. He’s trained hard and excelled in his own talents and skills, but done that in the comforts of his surroundings. He’s never been to war. He’s a knight of summer, and now it’s the complete opposite. He’s never faced truly difficult challenges.

Everybody knows by now that the actor was cast as the lead in Netflix and Marvel’s upcoming Iron Fist series, so Finn was asked whether this would interfere with Game of Thrones. The actor reassured fans that he will not be going away so soon:

I can definitely do both shows. Just because I’ve signed up for this job doesn’t cancel me out from doing more seasons of Thrones.

Meanwhile, though his character remains in a tight spot, he’s surrounded by strong women that will help him out. Finn said:

Loras is definitely in a very tricky situation. His whole family is. They’re going to be tested a lot. We’re just going to have to hope that good prevails.

I have resources on my side – I’ve got an amazing sister who cares a lot about me and a wicked grandma who’s very savvy. Strong women on my team. I’m hopeful Ser Loras will survive, but it’s not going to be easy and he’s going to be tested – in more ways than one.

Jones’ interview actually makes me more excited about the season in general rather than what’s to come for his character, Ser Loras. I can’t help but wonder though whether Iron Fist will eventually cost him his schedule for Game of Thrones filming.

Hopefully not. I’d like to see the Tyrell family defeating the Lannisters.

Game of Thrones season 6 airs on HBO on April 24.

Check out the full interview here.

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