Canadian Fan Petitions to Erect Deadpool Statue in Character’s Hometown

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By Althea Serad | More Articles
February 18, 2016  06:19 PM

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This week’s Deadpool petitions just keep getting better.

Just yesterday, we saw an online petition asking Saturday Night Live TV producer Lorne Michaels and actor Ryan Reynolds to feature Deadpool as host in the show. Less than 24 hours later, the petition has reached more than 25,000 signatures.

Well there’s another petition going on showing how devoted Deadpool fans really are, Canadian fans in this case.

Since the comic book film was filmed in Canada, produced and starred Canadian Ryan Reynolds, and features a Canadian character, a man named Luke Oliver thought of having a statue of the Merc with a Mouth erected at Deadpool’s hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Oliver thought of creating the petition after watching the film and hearing Deadpool say, "Regina, Saskatchewan, the town that rhymes with fun."

He said:

Why this issue is important is self-explanatory and I don’t feel it’s necessary to even convince anybody of this. We, citizens of Regina, and citizens of Earth in general should be convinced as soon as we found out that Deadpool is from Regina!

Since it’s announcement, we need to stand proud of being a Marvel Superheroes hometown.

Regina has been home to many great people, Leslie Nielsen, Ryan Getzlaf, Wolfcop, the list goes on… But at the end of the day, the most important person from Regina, DEADPOOL.

We are demanding that a Deadpool statue be erected in Regina, Saskatchewan as we are his hometown, and we are proud to be.

As of this writing, the petition now has more than 2,800 supporters.

Oliver has done his research too. He recently name-dropped Emerson Ziffle, the Canadian special effects artist to the horror-comedy WolfCop 2. Apparently, Ziffle is interested in creating the statue if the petition reaches its goal of 5,000 signatures.

There’s been no response yet from the Regina City Council.

Personally, I think the SNL petition has more chances of getting off the ground than this statue petition, but who knows? The statue could even become a tourist attraction. I wonder what Deadpool's pose would be.

Deadpool is now in theaters.

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