3 Important Changes in MTG Puzzle Quest’s New Amonkhet Update

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 19, 2017

Now that the Amonkhet update has finally landed to Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest, players may want to explore the new additions and changes that it brings to the mobile title.

Developer D3 Go has given quite a lot of details over the official blog, which relate to these changes, but we filtered a few interesting ones worth remembering:

Gideon’s Abilities

A new Planeswalker is introduced, and this means a new version of Gideon who will be seamless fitted into the Amonkhet set. This Gideon has three abilities:

Ability 1: Oketra’s Initiates, which helps the player defensively using tokens that have Reach and help fulfill Oketra’s goal of 3 creatures on the battlefield

Ability 2: Forged by Might, which lets players target one of the creatures, exile it, and give other creatures Power and Toughness with the same Power and Toughness as the exiled one’s.

Ability 3: Return from Exile is an ability that has different results depending on the rank. Rank 1 returns the last Exiled creature to the player’s hand, while at rank 4, it can return the last 3 Exiled creatures to the battlefield at a small cost

Changes in Event Rules

The game will now adapt the rules that limit the card sets to the ones that participate in the event. This means that PvP from Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, and Amonkhet can now only specific cards: Origins, KAladesh, Aether Revolt, and Amonkhet altogether.

“Note that events from prior sets as well as current PvE events have no restrictions on card sets, and you can build decks using any card in your collection. While we realize that this change can be somewhat controversial, we also believe it is crucial to the game’s health going forward.”

The changes were put into place to ensure that there is balance in the cards and the use of very powerful ones. It also affects game accessibility, so that new players who are just coming into the game will not be forced to gather cards from the old blocks, at least for the duration of the event.

Changes to PvP Events

Finally, there will also see some new events in tandem with the update. There will be two weekend events to make you busy. The first is Trial of Zeal for PvE. Players will face against the Gods of Amonkhet for this one. Players need to work together to fulfill objectives and win encounters.

For the PvP, there’s Trial of Strength Challenge, which is tied to the release off new Planeswalkers. There is one node locked to a newly released Planeswalker, with two more waiting to be unlocked. Those who want to play for weekday PvP can also try the Trial of Ambition.



Check out the Amonkhet update in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest, already available on the iOS and Android.

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