What Are Infinity Stones, Anyway? A Guide to Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon May 17, 2017 13:40 PM

#1- There Are Six Of Them

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Alone, an Infinity Gem can be used as a powerful weapon, capable of giving its user incredible, Earth-shattering abilities. However, just like the aforementioned Infinity Stones, there isn’t just one Infinity Gem – there are six.

Time Gem: Total control over all aspects of time including time travel, stopping time, slowing down or speeding up the flow of time, and accelerating or decelerating aging.

Space Gem: Limitless manipulation of space, allowing for teleportation, dimensional manipulation, the creation of wormholes, etc.

Soul Gem: Limitless manipulation of souls both alive and dead; also has been shown to be able to evolve or devolve beings physical selves, as well as their mental capacities.

Reality Gem: Locally or universally alters the natural laws of the universe to the wielder's will.

Power Gem: Controls all of the power in the universe. It can be used to augment or inhibit any force.

Mind Gem: Taps the user into the universal consciousness, allowing for unlimited manipulation of psionic powers, including telepathy and telekinesis.

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