10 Low-Budget Supernatural Horror Flicks with Massive Success and Cult Following

Author Thumbnail Maria Guanzon June 05, 2018 15:18 PM

1The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Here is a classic example of a viral marketing done right. The Blair Witch Project scored a whopping $248.6 million worldwide with a budget of only $60,000. The secret of the success of this movie is its strategic false marketing that was done through the Internet. Before its release, there were faux police reports, newsreel-style interviews, and even a missing persons poster that surfaced on the web. 

This marketing ploy that is disguised as a real-life incident left people curious. The Blair Witch Project is supposed to be the documentation of what happened in the woods during the time the three students went missing.

Three film students aimed to produce a documentary about the mystery surrounding the Blair Witch. They conducted interviews about the legend then they set out into the woods to investigate even further. The three disappeared but most of their shot footages were found a year later.

Aside from its box-office success, The Blair Witch Project ushered in a new style of filmmaking: the found footage technique. Films such as the Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield replicated the success of this movie by doing the exact same style. A sequel called Book of Shadows was released in 2000 but it was poorly received. Blair Witch was released in 2016 that does not acknowledge the events in the Book of Shadows

The Blair Witch Project shattered expectations by proving that you only need a camera and a gripping storyline to capture viewers’ interests. Additionally, a viral marketing campaign can go a long way too. Orson Welles approves.

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