25 Currently Standard Legal Cards Used In Pro Tour Rivals Of Ixalan

Author Thumbnail Shant Krikorian February 12, 2018 07:08 AM

#6- Inventors' Fair

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The only deck that seems to abuse Inventors' Fair is Lantern Control. Aside from gaining a few life, it also has the ability to fetch an artifact from your library that you need to set up your game plan. This has been quite a good addition to the deck ever since it was printed.

#7- Spire of Industry

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Lantern Control and Affinity decks packed four copies of Spire of Industry as they help you cast colored spells since they depend heavily to their artifacts to win the game. With the help of Spire of Industry, both are now able to splash some colored spells that will help them win the game.

#8- Hollow One

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B/R Hollow One is the deck that almost everyone acknowledged as the breakout deck of the event. Dropping two Hollow One's on your first turn is possible as we have seen in camera and that pretty much spells an early defeat to the opponent if left unanswered. From the price tag of just a few cents, it is now sitting at $2 to $3 each but we expect that the price of Hollow One will never go beyond $5 for now since the card doesn't exist on other decks for the demand to increase.

#9- Flameblade Adept

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Flameblade Adept is also a breakout card that is included in the B/R Hollow One deck. It is an uncommon printed in Amonkhet that only exist in this deck together with Hollow One. I'm not expecting for its price to spike hard but the foil copies of it might if it consistently displays it explosiveness for more upcoming big events.

Dropping Flameblade Adept on turn one followed by a turn two Goblin Lore or Burning Inquiry twice will display its raw power of dealing a minimum damage of 4 and possibly 7 damage at the maximum. It is also pretty much hard to block on turn two as the creature has the ability Menace which requires your opponent to have two creatures on the field before it can be blocked.

#10- Glimmer of Genius

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I have seen Glimmer of Genius being used by control players for the reason that you are able to scry twice before drawing two cards and that is quite a deep digging at instant speed. Anything else aside from that is yet to be discovered, maybe some blue-based Aetherworks Marvel deck in Modern soon.

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