22 Most Highly-Anticipated Star Wars Projects in 2019

Author Thumbnail Jake Vyper January 04, 2019 23:36 PM

18Anakin Skywalker #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jody Houser with art by Wilton Santos and Cory Smith, Anakin Skywalker #1 tells a new story of the man-who-would-be-Vader as he grapples with a decision that could devastate the Separatists but come at a high moral cost. 

Anakin Skywalker #1 will be released on February 6. 

17Jango Fett #1

Marvel Comics

In Jango Fett #1 by Houser and Ross. the most feared bounty hunter and his son, Boba, join with a crew of outlaws for a simple job that goes bad fast. It looks like his fellow bounty hunters might be foolish enough to betray them. 

This comic was released on January 9. 

16Vader: Dark Visions #1

Marvel Comics

This five-part series from writer Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum with art by Paolo Vinelli sheds new light on the many sides of Darth Vader. Dark Visions #1 promises to explore corners of the galaxy  “Darth Vader can be someone’s greatest fear, and even … someone’s greatest hope!” It will be released on March 6. 

15 General Grievous #1

Marvel Comics

In this Star Wars: Age of the Republic comic written by Jody Houser with art by Luke Ross, General Grievous stumbles across a power greater than what he imagined as he explores a lost Jedi temple. After General Grievous #1, Marvel changes pace for Age of Republic series for the back half of the year, with stories focusing on Darth Vader, Leia Organa, and others. 

General Grievous #1 will be out March 13. 

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