Top 17 Most Graphic Sex Scenes in Marvel Comics We'll Never See On The Big Screen

Author Thumbnail Jake Vyper January 13, 2018 23:01 PM

#12- Sabretooth Eats Bloody Meat While Having Sex With Mystique

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In this scene from Uncanny X-Force #31, Sabretooth and Mystique get it on while smearing each other with raw bloody beef. Getting between the sheets with the shape-shifting beauty Mystique is the ultimate alpha-male fantasy even though this was written like fan-fiction. Bleeding Cool even called it "THE single worst-written scene in the entire X-men line this year." But who could resist Mystique and juicy meat altogether?

#11- The Hulks Have Sex in Public While A Giant Eyeball Man Watches Them

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In Incredible Hulk #7.1, Hulk and alter-ego Bruce Banner have been separated because of a brain surgery by Doctor Doom. In this issue, The Hulk and Red She-Hulk have sex in public while a giant eyeball man watches them. 

That's not incest, however. She's Banner's lover, Betty Ross. Hulk doesn't mess with his cousin until the alternate future of Old Man Logan

#10- A Mutant With Orgasm Powers Seduces Iceman

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Chuck Austen's X-Men introduced Stacy X, an employee in a mutant brothel, who could control the pheromones of others, and used her power to give men the most intense climaxes of their lives without taking a piece of clothing off. 

In one scene, she incapacitated Iceman by licking his neck and making him have an "accident" in his pants. We'll never see this on the big screen but maybe in an X-Men porn parody. 

#9- Deadpool Makes Love in A Coffin

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In Deadpool Vol. 3 #44, Deadpool makes love with his wife Shiklah in a coffin. 

It's just a man and his wife having sex, so this sounds like the most normal one in this list, but who could forget sex between an immortal tumor mutant and a shapeshifting monster?

Well, at least in the film, Deadpool's sex scenes happened pre-mutation. 

#8- Peter Walks in On Aunt May in Bed

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May re-married J. Jonah Jameson Sr., the father of Daily Bugle head J. Jonah Jameson. The couple got married in Amazing Spider-Man #600, but they got it on before that, as shown in an explicit scene in Amazing Spider-Man #592, when Peter Parker went to Aunt May's house to change his costume. After removing his costume and preparing to wash it, he heard rumblings in his aunt's bedroom. When he opened the door, he saw May and Jay Jameson having sex. 

If you think Marvel's move to make Aunt may younger and sexier in Captain America: Civil War just so that Robert Downey, Jr. could flirt with her, was unpleasant, just imagine if this made it on the big screen. 

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