Top 14 Magic: the Gathering Rares and Mythics from Ravnica Allegiance That Will See Standard Play

Author Thumbnail Nick Price January 22, 2019 11:28 AM

14Priest of Forgotten Gods

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The last time we visited Ravnica, Tom Martell won Pro Tour Gatecrash in 2013 with a White-Black-Red aggressive deck powered by sacrifice synergies. It was called the Aristocrats, after the deck’s two key sacrifice outlets, Falkenrath Aristocrat and Cartel Aristocrat. It could kill opponents extremely quickly with fast starts involving Champion of the Parish and the deck’s many other humans. It could also win a long game by chipping in for damage with a protected Cartel Aristocrat or by stealing the opponent’s biggest threat with an unexpected Zealous Conscripts.

Today, brewers find themselves with some similar components to the ones that made the Aristocrats deck so successful. White Weenie decks are already Tier 1, and Ravnica Allegiance has supplied us with more aggressive cards like Tithe Taker that also provide value when they die. The set also gave us Priest of Forgotten Gods, a sacrifice outlet, as well as Orzhov uncommon Pitiless Pontiff. It wouldn’t be difficult to build a Red/White/Black deck that takes advantage of the synergy between these sacrifice effects and creatures with the Afterlife ability.

On the other hand, one of the key factors of the deck’s success was that the sacrifice abilities were free to activate. Priest, Pontiff, and M19 sacrifice outlet Dark-Dweller Oracle either require mana to activate or come at a significant cost to the player. While Priest of Forgotten Gods pays you off heavily for sacrificing creatures, it might end up being better for deckbuilders to emphasize aggression over synergy in Red/White/Black decks.

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