Top 10 Non-Ixalan Dinosaurs in Magic: The Gathering

Author Thumbnail Jake Vyper January 03, 2018 16:51 PM

#6- Ripscale Predator

Feature Detail

First set appearance: Gatecrash

Former type/s: Lizard

New type/s: Dinosaur 

You'll need at least two creatures to block this badass dinosaur. The art by Volkan Baga does a great job showing how dangerous this creature is by not just showing the monster's ferocious design but also the struggle of the men fighting it. 

#5- Pangosaur

Feature Detail

First set appearance: Mercadian Masques

Former type/s: Lizard

New type/s: Dinosaur

A 4-drop 6/6 dinosaur with a drawback but is it really a drawback when you can synergize this creature with enter-the-battlefield effects? That's probably not easy to pull off but you gotta love the design of this card. The art by Mark Tedin, the effect, and the flavor text all fit together. 

#4- Fungusaur

First set appearance: Limited Edition (Alpha)

Former type/s: Fungus Lizard

New type/s: Fungus Dinosaur

Here's another unique breed of dinosaur that looks more like a shark to me than a dinosaur or a fungus. It was even reprinted in 8th Edition with better art and better flavor text: 

Its ability reminds us of Ixalan's dinosaur mechanic, Enrage. 

#3- Magmasaur

Feature Detail

First set appearance: Tempest

Former type/s: Elemental Lizard

New type/s: Elemental Dinosaur

This looks more like a Pokemon than a Magic creature. A dinosaur that could live in an environment full of magma sounds like an idea that a preschooler came up with but who cares? It's cool! It also has a unique ability that could kill some creatures and spread damage to each player. If I make a dinosaur Commander deck, I'll make sure to include this. I'll probably have to find ways to add +1+1 counters on it. 

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