Top 10 Magic: the Gathering Commons & Uncommons from Ravnica Allegiance For Standard

Author Thumbnail Nick Price January 27, 2019 01:34 AM

10Drill Bit

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Whenever a new set is spoiled, I go through the full card file looking for cool bombs and powerful removal. After I’ve taken the whole set in and noted which cards look amazing, I like to take another look. My second or third pass through the set is to find Standard roleplayers and useful sideboard cards that slot into existing decks or that make new color combinations more attractive.

While Drill Bit isn’t the most exciting card from Ravnica Allegiance, it looks both strong and, more importantly, versatile enough to see regular sideboard play in Standard. It can take any nonland card and can be cast wherever it fits best on curve whether that be for the full 3 mana or alongside another spell at its discounted rate.

On the other hand, the card will compete with the hyper-efficient Duress for slots in black sideboards. But I think Standard is at its best when deck-builders have a lot of interesting choices to make for limited deck slots.

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