Top 10 Magic: the Gathering Cards That Defined Guilds of Ravnica Standard

Author Thumbnail Nick Price January 14, 2019 13:59 PM

11Honorable Mention: Vraska's Contempt

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Before rotation and the release of Guilds of Ravnica, it was hard to find a black deck that didn’t run the full playset of Vraska’s Contempt. Decks like Blue/Black Midrange and Esper Control were empowered by this catch-all answer that also bought more time to stabilize against the red decks. A variation of the Red/Black Chainwhirler deck even saw some success going over-the-top of their more aggressive counterparts by playing more black sources for this Ixalan rare to answer Planeswalkers, The Scarab God, and Hazoret.

Since GRN dropped, however, Vraska’s Contempt has mainly been a role player in Golgari Midrange, one of many flexible removal options like Cast Down and Assassin’s Trophy. Some successful lists have played 4 in the main deck, but lists with 2-3 are more common.

Contempt still deserves the honorable mention because, aside from helping Golgari deal with threats efficiently, it’s a crucial component of less popular but still competitive archetypes like Dimir Surveil and the Mono-Black Chromatic Lantern deck.

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