The 11 Most Hated and Terrible Video Games

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan December 01, 2016 14:38 PM

5Hotel Mario (1994)

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Hotel Mario was another result of the deal between Philips and Nintendo and it is similarly reviled. The game was criticized for similar reasons- bad controls and bad cutscenes. People also felt it was dull that you had to close a bunch of doors to advance in the game. Though not quite as bad as the Legend of Zelda one, it was still the inspiration for many, many YouTube poops.

6Catfight (1996)

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Catfight is…exactly what it sounds like. Even ignoring the eye-rolling sexism involved in the premise, the sexy-babe battle game failed to live up to anything, much less the fap material it was supposed to be. With horrible controls, weird sound effects, poor graphics and a repetitive squealing soundtrack, it’s embarrassing, low quality smut. PCGamer even said that “being caught masturbating would be less embarrassing than being caught playing this game.” Ouch.

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