Spring 2017 Anime Ranked from Worst to Best

Author Thumbnail Caitlin Donovan July 17, 2017 15:47 PM

#12- Clockwork Planet (12 episodes, complete)

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Clockwork Planet is overall a dull mess of clichés, bad storytelling and grossness. The premise of the anime is that earth was somehow completely rebuilt as a clockwork planet 100% made out of gears (even the characters can’t explain to you how this works). A boy named Naota has a hot, busty robot girl fall into his lap and his convenient superhearing allows him to fix her, after which she sexily sucks on his fingers and commits to being his servant for life.

That gives a pretty good idea of what type of show this is and it does not ever get better. The plot is muddled and directionless, the characters are paper thin one-note annoyances, the antagonists have inexplicable motivations and there's a ton of “accidentally” fondling girls and gratuitious nudity. Though the gear-filled backgrounds can look lovely, the animation involving people is downright terrible.

If you’re a guy who dreams of having a sexy robot girl kneel at your feet and follow your every whim, know that 1) I never want you to get within ten yards of me and 2) this series is very blatant wish fulfillment for you. Otherwise, this anime has very little to offer anyone.

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