Ranking Every Marvel/Netflix Series From Worst To First

Author Thumbnail Jon Arvedon January 13, 2018 14:34 PM

#6- Iron Fist

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With all of the negative press leading into the premiere of Iron Fist, it’s no wonder this show faced far more scrutiny from critics than the previous Marvel/Netflix series. That being said, though, Iron Fist isn’t an inherently bad show. It has some very strong moments and it adds a dynamic new element to the already-established corner of the MCU that Marvel has been developing with Netflix since 2015.

Still, Iron Fist fails to live up to its predecessors, which is extremely unfortunate for the franchise. Finn Jones is a talented actor but lacks enough charisma to truly sell Danny Rand as a strong solo character – a problem that has plagued Iron Fist in the comics since the 1970s. Additionally, the fight choreography is surprisingly subpar for a show whose focal point is a master martial artist fighting to reclaim his family name. Factor in the extremely lackluster season finale and you’re left with a series that sadly earns its spot at the bottom of this list.

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